# Purchase organization

  1. When purchasing an organization license, please first choose an individual name for your organization that will be displayed to your members.
  2. Then you can enter how many licenses and team areas your organization should contain. Each organization consists of at least one license (for you as the owner) and one team area.
Number of licenses

You can manage the licenses of an organization individually and assign them to other users as floating licenses. You can learn more about this in the section Managing Members.


Number of teams

Team areas provide you and your team members with a shared model repository. Team members can be either members of your organization or external guests. Therefore, you can use teams even if you have only one simcision license in your organization, provided that your team members purchase a simcision license themselves. You can read more about this in the teams section.

# Managing members

In the settings section, select the organization you want to manage. In the members section you can manage the members of your organization. By inviting other people as members of your organization, you provide them with a simcision license. Therefore, you can only invite as many members as your organization has licenses. If you want to invite additional members, you can always add more licenses to your organization. You can find more information about this in the section Manage organization.

Invite members

Click the invite members button to add new members to your organization.

  1. In the add email text box, you can enter individual email addresses or a list of email addresses.
  2. If you select a role and license duration before adding e-mail addresses, these settings will be applied to all members.
  3. After you have entered e-mail addresses, you will again have the option to edit the role and license duration of individual users.
  4. Then complete the invitation by clicking the invite users button.
Internal members and externals

When assigning licenses, you can distinguish between internal members (“member” role) and external members (“external” role). Internal members can see all other internal members, including their email address and role in the organization. External members only see the name of the organization and you as the contact person, but no other members.

Role „admin“

You can assign the “admin” role to internal members. Admins can …

  • Invite new members to the organization (if free licenses are available).
  • Remove existing members from the organization
  • Assign or remove the admin role to other members
  • Manage teams and join all existing teams independently
License duration

For each member of your organization, you can optionally set a license expiration date. Once a license expires, the user is automatically removed from your organization. The license is then available to you again and can be reassigned. This feature helps you to reduce the administration effort for numerous members.

# Manage teams

In the settings section, select the organization you want to manage. In the teams section below the member management, you can create new teams or delete existing ones. You can create only as many teams as your organization includes. If you want to create additional teams, you can always add more team areas to your organization. For more information, see the manage organization section.

ATTENTION: If you delete a team, all the models it contains will also be deleted. A team and its models cannot be restored after deletion.

Manage teams

Select a team to manage its members and their roles. The invite members button allows you to invite either members of your organization or external guests to the team. All members of a team can see which users are members of the team. The admins of your organization can also join all teams without invitation by selecting the team in the organization overview and clicking join team.

Manage roles

Each team member can have either the member or admin roles. A team admin can manage the members of a team (invite new members or remove existing members). In addition, an admin can lock models in the team’s shared model repository, protecting them from being edited by team members. More information about locking models can be found here.

Shared model repository

Each team has a shared model repository that all team members can access.

  1. You can reach the model repository of a team by clicking on the name of the team in the menu.
  2. On the right side you will see an overview of all team members. As soon as you move the mouse over an icon, the full name is displayed.
  3. The manage team button leads you to the settings.
  4. The model repository is structured in the same way as your personal model area (my models). You can find more information here.

# Manage organization

  1. In the settings section you own for an organization, scroll down to get to the organization settings.
  2. You can cancel your subscription by disabling auto-renewal. Your license will then be available until it expires.
  3. You can edit the number of your teams and licenses here anytime.
  4. You can appoint one or more deputies for your organization.

Please note: You can only adjust the automatic renewal as well as the number of your licenses/teams if you have booked your license via the simcision platform. For customization or renewal of individual license packages please contact your simcision contact person.

Adjust number of licenses and teams

To adjust the number of your booked licenses and teams, first click the gear icon next to your licenses and teams in the organization settings and then click the reorder licenses/teams button.

In the following dialog, adjust the total number of licenses and teams that your organization should include in the future according to your wishes.

When booking additional licenses or teams, they will be provided to you on a pro-rata basis for the remaining subscription period after you submit your order. So if your subscription is renewed the next time after 6 months, you will receive an invoice for the added licenses/teams over 6 months.

When reducing licenses or teams, they will remain active until the end of your current subscription and will be automatically deleted at the beginning of the next calculation period.

Appoint deputies

You can appoint as many members as you like as deputies for your organization. Deputies have the same permissions as the owner. They can purchase new licenses/teams, cancel the subscription, and appoint a new owner for the organization.

Warning: Deputies of an organization can also change its owner or remove it from the organization.

# Reactivate expired organization

If you disable your organization’s auto-renewal and your subscription ends, all members of the organization will lose their license and therefore lose access to your account and models. Likewise, the guests in your teams will no longer be able to access them.

Accounts that no longer have an active simcision license will be deleted after 60 days and cannot be restored afterwards – including all your models.

Before the 60 days expire, you have the option to reactivate your organization. All member settings, teams and models will be preserved. To reactivate an organization, log in to simcision and click on the reactivate organization button in the settings section of the corresponding organization.

If you have another simcision license (e.g. single user license or second organization license), your account will not be deleted. You then have 6 months to reactivate an expired organization. Otherwise the organization will be deleted completely.

Please note: Your organization settings (members and teams) as well as the models in team areas will only be preserved if the organization is reactivated. When acquiring a new organization, the settings and content cannot be transferred.