# Control in the network

In most areas, the network plays a major role: this is the workspace on which all elements and relationships are located.

The network can be controlled with the mouse:

  • Select network elements (elements, relationships, …): Simply click on the element. If we are in the “Network” area, the corresponding menu opens in the sidebar.
  • Select several elements: Click and drag into the network. A selection frame is opened and all elements in the frame are selected as soon as the mouse button is released.
  • Deselect network elements: Click on a free position in the network.
  • Open context menu: Right-click on a network element (element, relationship, …). The context menu has different options for each area.
  • Move network:
    • Scroll (mouse wheel or touchpad)
    • Space + click and drag
    • Click and drag with the middle mouse button
  • Enlarge/reduce network:
    • Strg + Scroll
    • Strg + [+ or-]
  • Move elements:
    • Click in the middle and move with the mouse button pressed.
  • Enlarge/reduce elements:
    • Click on the edge and move it by pressing the mouse button.