# Create

To carry out simulations later and compare their results, scenarios must first be created. To add a scenario, click on the “Add” button. This creates a new scenario and you have the option of specifying a title, a description and the number of rounds that the scenario comprises under the “General” tab.

You can delete a scenario at any time by clicking the “Delete scenario” button at the end of the list.

# Initial Status

Within this tab, you define the start states of the respective resources and elements at the beginning of the scenario.

# Events

Here you can see a list of all events created. If an event appears here, it can occur during the simulation under the previously defined conditions. If you do not want an event to occur at all, you can remove it from the list by clicking on the small cross.

You can add removed events to the scenario again at any time using the “Select” button.

# Actions

Similar to the events, this tab provides you with an overview of all actions associated with the scenario. Here too, you can remove actions that you do not want to make available from the list and add them again later using the “Select” button.

# Termination Criteria

This is where you define the criteria that lead to a simulation being terminated. The simulation is terminated if all conditions of a termination criteria are met. As soon as a termination criteria is triggered, the simulation stops and a message field with the title and description of the termination criteria is displayed.

You can assign any number of conditions to a termination criteria. However, the termination criteria is only activated if all conditions are fulfilled at the same time.

Example-condition: “ Occurs when the status of the resource ‘Money’ is less than 10”

→ More about conditions

You can also add a title, a description and an image to the termination criteria.


The image appears in the termination message window, which is displayed during the simulation as soon as the criteria is met.

The image area in the message window has a size of 322*515 pixels. Ideally, the image should have exactly these dimensions.

You can set whether the image should completely fill the image area (“Crop”) or be reduced in size until it fits into the image area (“Scale”). Images in landscape format may only fill half of the available area with this setting.

# Start and End screen

Under the “Start screen” and “End screen” tabs, you can add a title, a description and an image to the scenario, which should appear at the beginning and end of the scenario respectively.

You can show or hide the start screen at any time using the “Show start screen” button.